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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

All too often, people are hurt or killed due to no fault of their own, causing them and their families to suffer devastating consequences. The firm is committed to champion the cause of these innocent victims and, in so doing, to help make our society safer.

Because a person has been harmed does not mean that the law necessarily provides a remedy. We believe that our clients are best served by conducting a thorough investigation of the facts and law before bringing a legal claim. If our investigation concludes that legal action is appropriate, our clients are comforted by knowing that their claims are meritorious and that our firm strongly believes in their case.

Over the years, we have handled countless personal injury claims arising from automobile wrecks, trucking collisions, airplane crashes, explosions, fires, electrical disasters, and numerous other types of incidents. We also have significant experience in medical malpractice cases, representing those who have been catastrophically injured as a result of the negligence of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers. Moreover, we have handled many toxic tort, environmental, and product liability cases.

Some examples include:

  • A teenager was paralyzed from the neck down when the car in which she was riding hydroplaned on excess water diverted from a strip shopping center onto the roadway. A claim against the car's manufacturer alleging that the teenager's seat belt was defective and violated federal regulations was settled. Claims against the shopping center were successfully tried to a jury.
  • A man in his early 40s was killed when his car was hit head on by an 18-wheeler speeding through downtown Atlanta on the wrong side of I-20. The tractor trailer was driven by an intoxicated trucker who had violated federal limits on the number of hours he could operate without rest.  We filed a lawsuit against the driver and his employer on behalf of the victim’s family which was successfully resolved after lengthy discovery.
  • We represented an Alabama business executive whose wife was killed and who was himself severely injured in a car wreck at a major intersection where the traffic lights were not working. Evidence showed that the lights failed due to negligence of the power company and that the failure caused the wreck.  The case was tried to a federal jury and its substantial verdict was affirmed on appeal.
  • TWA Flight 800 crashed over the Atlantic shortly after taking off from JFK airport in New York City.  We represented a minor child whose father died in the crash.  His claims were settled.  
  • An Army staff sergeant was injured when a grenade-type device exploded as he was in the process of throwing it. We filed suit on his behalf against the manufacturer and were able to obtain substantial compensation through settlement.