Intellectual Property

Our firm has experience handling intellectual property matters, including patent, trademark and copyright disputes. Ordinarily, although not exclusively, we are associated by intellectual property specialists from other firms who seek to take advantage of our trial experience and willingness to work on a contingent fee basis.

Some examples of intellectual property cases in which we have been involved include:

  • The owners of a technology patent were damaged when their intellectual property was infringed by a major corporation. After filing suit, we achieved a settlement to the clients’ satisfaction.
  • We successfully defended a manufacturer who was sued for patent infringement by a large competitor. After a trial lasting several weeks, the jury determined that the patent was invalid and that no infringement had occurred.
  • A national publisher of technology periodicals alleged that an Atlanta company violated its intellectual property rights by copying the structure and content of their periodicals. We filed suit and were able to enjoin the violations.
  • We represented a California woman who wrote and developed television shows. When a national network improperly used her ideas to start a popular new series without her involvement, we were hired to seek redress. After we filed suit on her behalf, the matter settled.
  • A young artist and entrepreneur in Atlanta developed the idea for a character to be used by a Fortune 500 company in a broad-based sales and marketing campaign. After having worked on the idea with its senior management for several years, he was surprised to learn that the company launched a campaign using a similar character that he was told had been developed independently. We represented the artist in a copyright lawsuit against the company.
Intellectual Property